The Owens Valley Career Development Center is a Native American
organization operating under a consortium of Sovereign Nations that promotes self-sufficiency through education, community enrichment and cultural empowerment.

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About Us

Our History

The Owens Valley Paiute-Shoshone Board of Trustees was established by the “1962 Land Ordinance” which was approved April 5, 1962 by the majority vote of tribal members residing on the Big Pine, Lone Pine and Bishop Reservations. The Owens Valley Paiute-Shoshone Board of Trustees, now herein referred as the OVBT are elected tribal officials recognized by their respective tribal memberships. The OVBT is a seven member board in which five (5) members represent the Bishop Paiute Reservation, One (1) represents the Big Pine Paiute Reservation and one (1) represents the Lone Pine Paiute-Shoshone Reservation. The OVBT was delegated to promote the general welfare, safeguard tribal interests, conserve and develop tribal lands and resources. Throughout the years the OVBT has received Federal grants to administer social and economic programs for the three reservations.

Owens Valley Career Development Center (OVCDC) was established in 1976 by the OVBT. The OVBT are the designated grantee to oversee the various program operations of the Owens Valley Career Development Center which operates through tribal, federal and state funded grants/programs. Owens Valley Career Development Center offers educational, vocational, and social service programs to native people in California. Owens Valley Career Development Center provides opportunities for native people to enhance their quality of life by focusing on self-sufficiency through education and job readiness programs. The most important aspect of Owens Valley Career Development Center programs are to protect, preserve and promote native cultures in the spirit of positive nation building today and for future generations to come.

Our Values

PROFESSIONALISM We will maintain a positive attitude, be supportive and strive to exceed standards.

INTEGRITY We will work in an ethical and transparent manner at all times.

TEAMWORK We will work unselfishly to create a collaborative culture.

LEADERSHIP We will have the courage to lead by example, work through adversity and inspire others.

RESPECT We will respect all individuals, cultures and traditions.

COMPASSION We will engage with every participant and community with compassion.

NATIVE CULTURE We will honor and promote the sovereignty, culture and traditions of all Native
American Tribes.

Our Vision

Owens Valley Career Development Center envisions a future where all Native American communities are culturally revitalized, empowered and self-sufficient.

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