Our Mission

The Owens Valley Career Development Center is a dedicated American Indian organization operating under a consortium of Sovereign Nations. Whereby, providing the opportunity for improvement in the quality of life by focusing on education and self-sufficiency while protecting, preserving and promoting our cultures in the spirit of positive nation building for Native people of today and generations of tomorrow.

Our Core Values

Compassion – We will deal with each individual and the communities that we serve with compassion.
Self-Sufficiency – We will promote and encourage self-sufficiency through education and increased opportunities for Native Americans and above all, do no harm
Respect – We will deal with every client, community member, tribe, Board member and employee with respect at all times.
Native Culture – We will strive to preserve, enhance and promote indigenous Native American culture and traditions.
Integrity – We will operate in an ethical manner with integrity and honesty at all times.
Sovereignty – We will respect tribal sovereignty.
Generosity – With our clients and tribal communities we will give back and share, practicing the principle of reciprocity