TANF Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I find out if I am eligible?
Q. If I have received assistance beyond the 60 month time limit, may I still receive assistance for my children?
Q. What Supportive services am I eligible for?
Q. Can I work and still get assistance?
Q. Do my children need to live with me to receive services?
Q. If I find a job and no longer qualify for cash assistance, are there any other services I would qualify for?
Q. If I am a relative taking care of a relative child, am I eligible for assistance?
Q. If I am disabled and receiving SSI/SDI, am I eligible for assistance?
Q. If I am an undocumented?
Q. If I live with another adult, who is not my partner, is their income counted?
Q. How many days do I have to notify my case counselor of any changes to my family circumstances?
Q. Will I be eligible to receive benefits if I fail my drug test?