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The OVCDC Bishop Site is located on the corner of Barlow and Diaz lanes within the Bishop Paiute Reservation and provides a variety of program services to the Bishop Community. The Bishop Site is also the Main Headquarters of OVCDC. The Bishop Site includes the following OVCDC offices, Administration, Finance Department, Human Resources Department, Intergovernmental Affairs Office, Information Technology Department and the Facilities Department. The Bishop Campus also includes the following programs; Bishop Tribal TANF, the Tuniwa Nobi Family Literacy Program the Nuumu Yadoha Language Program and the Career Education Program. Sub-Recipient Partners Bishop Paiute Tribe, Bishop Indian Education Center and Big Pine Paiute Tribe.


Programs offered at the Bishop Site

  • Tribal TANF – The Tribal TANF Program consists of Cash Aid, Prevention, and  Employment Services. Click here for more info.
  • Tuniwa Nobi Family Literacy
  • Career Education
  • Language– The Inyo/Mono County Nuumu Yadoha Language Program provides various Language services to Bishop, Big Pine, Lone Pine, Benton and soon Bridgeport Sites.
  • Early Head Start

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Contact Information

2574 Diaz Lane Bishop, CA 93514 Office # (760) 873-5107 Fax # (760) 873-4107

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