ACEs Aware

Rural Resilience Film

This film was made possible through a grant from ACEs Aware and with the support of Owen’s Valley Career Development Center. This project is an attempt to unpack the question “how do we heal from trauma?” The film draws on the lived and professional experience of three women in the rural community of Bishop, California. The subjects of the film are all mothers, and all have found their calling in the helping professions. Heather is a nurse responding to the opioid epidemic, Tawni is a social worker and care giver, and Margi is a family therapist, social worker, professor, and author of several prominent resilience theories. Over 13 or so minutes, these women share their experiences, ideas and advice surrounding how we might heal from adversity. We hope to tackle this subject through qualitative exploration from a variety of perspectives. We encouraged the participants to speak authentically, in the hopes that their words might be an inspiration to other community members struggling with similar challenges.